MWGaiaDN Induction School

PLNT Leiden

PLNT Leiden

Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden
Anthony Brown (Sterrewacht)

Introductory school for the PhD students from the MWGaiaDN network. The school is also open to a limited number of participants from outside the network

The school programme consists of:

  • Lectures on the Gaia mission and the data in the Gaia archive
  • Turorials on using the Gaia archive and the Gaia selection function
  • During unconference sessions participants work on short scientific projects, using the Gaia data and with expert help available.
  • Training on public engagement and outreach

More details on the programme can be found in the attached programme notes below.

Participants should make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. There is no registration fee for this school. MWGaiaDN covers the costs for the venue and also for the catering (lunches, coffee/tea) throughout the event.


MWGaiaDN is a Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Network funded under grant agreement no. 101072454. 

The tutorial on the Gaia selection function is provided by the GaiaUnlmiited project which is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101004110.

  • Alejandro Martín Escabia
  • Alessio Liberatori
  • Alfred Castro Ginard
  • Anthony Brown
  • Antonella Vallenari
  • Artem Lutsenko
  • Carine Babusiaux
  • Chloé Padois
  • Csilla Kalup
  • Daisuke Kawata
  • Daniel del Ser Badia
  • David Hobbs
  • Despina Hatzidimitriou
  • Devika Parathattil Babu
  • Friedrich Anders
  • Gabriel Rodríguez Moris
  • Ioannis Kallimanis
  • Isabella Henum
  • Konstantinos Zafeiropoulos
  • Liantsoa Finaritra Randrianjanahary
  • Marc del Alcázar i Julià
  • Marie Schölch
  • Mercè Romero-Gómez
  • Natsuki Funakoshi
  • Nicholas Walton
  • Pedro Russo
  • Sagar Malhotra
  • Sergei Klioner
  • Sonia Anton
  • Stefan Jordan
  • Thomas Hajnik
  • Timo Prusti
  • Tineke Roegiers
  • Toni Sagristà Sellés
  • Tristan Cantat-Gaudin
  • Uma Cladellas Sanjuan
  • +4
Anthony Brown